Facial recognition to supplement two factor authentication

Zain Cash promises to thwart phishing scams with new verification system

BAGHDAD — Zain Cash has pledged to its subscribers to eradicate the scamming phenomenon that has recently affected a number of them, unveiling a new verification system requiring facial recognition and identity verification for those wanting to access their electronic wallet. According to the company, using new technologies designed by global companies, scammers will not be able to access the wallet and transfer funds, even if they have the wallet’s secret number.

This move comes after approximately 800 individuals reported scam attempts since Dec. 22, with 964media noting incidents in Karbala and Erbil last week.

Sara Hussein, director of compliance and governance at Zain Cash, told 964media, “Scam cases against Zain Cash subscribers began with the posting of fake sponsored posts, announcing an increase in some of the service limits provided by us, exploiting people’s need for higher limits.”

She continued, “Through this method, the fraudster lures the citizen and takes the confidential information of the wallet. Therefore, we have intensified awareness through our official channels and text messages about the importance of not sharing wallet information and OTP codes. This awareness has resonated with users.”

“Since Jan. 22, until March 18, our subscribers have reported 783 failed fraud attempts due to the citizens’ awareness,” Hussein added.

The scam campaign significantly targets Zain Cash as the company leads in electronic payment throughout Iraq, but this does not mean other electronic payment companies are not targeted.

In addition to awareness measures, several technical procedures have been initiated to provide a fundamental solution to this phenomenon, expected to eliminate scam attempts by 100%, including the acquisition of an electronic system to detect fraudulent pages and those violating our company’s intellectual property rights, such as logos, names, and services provided. Through this system, these pages are immediately and daily closed.

“We are pleased to announce through 964media that our company today has launched the 3D Liveness Check technology for facial verification when attempting to access the Zain Cash app from a phone other than the customer’s registered device,” Hussein proudly stated.

With these solutions, a scammer will ostensibly be unable to access a customer’s Zain Cash app, even if the customer shares their OTP codes. The app will compare the face of the person attempting access from another device with the customer’s photo saved in our database as part of Know Your Customer procedures. If there is no match, the individual will not be granted access to the app.

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