Accused of 'exploiting position of trust'

Dean of Basra College of Computing arrested in alleged sex scandal

BASRA – Imad Al-Shawi, the dean of the College of Computing in Basra, has been arrested in connection with a scandal involving inappropriate images allegedly leaked from his office’s surveillance cameras.

The University of Basra has initiated a 30-day investigation into Dean Al-Shawi to determine the authenticity of the leaked images that showed him with a female student in his office.

The source told 964media, a force from the National Security Service in Basra arrested the dean of the College of Computing at his home late last night.

The arrest was conducted under Article 393 of the Iraqi penal code, which penalizes “any person who has sexual intercourse with a female without her consent or commits buggery with any person without their consent with a term of imprisonment not exceeding 15 years.”

The law enforces stricter penalties if the offender is a public official, clergy, doctor, or exploits their position, profession, or trust to commit the act.

The investigation of the accused is ongoing under the direct supervision of the Basra Court of Appeal.

Ahmed Al-Aboudi, spokesperson for the Ministry of Higher Education, declared on Wednesday that the ministry has decided to suspend

Dean Al-Shawi, following the circulation of scandalous images on social media accounts.

The publishers of the images claim they were extracted from a video.

Al-Aboudi told 964media that the ministry’s legal procedures involve suspending the individual in question as an initial legal step before carrying out an investigation, which has been applied in the dean’s case.

“The appropriate decision will be made through the investigation within the legal framework,” he stated.

He also mentioned that the investigative committee is looking into the details and circumstances of the case, especially how the images were leaked.

Al-Aboudi stressed that such actions are criminal under the laws and are completely unacceptable.

“The responsibilities entrusted to all individuals working in educational institutions are educational and ethical, and such acts should never occur,” he added.

This incident comes amidst a series of scandals revealed this week in Iraq. Authorities have stated that they uncovered a network of senior officers who had led a network through social media platforms to blackmail and insult fellow officers and security institutions.