To boost community bons and sportsmanship

Ramadan volleyball tournament for teachers in Basra

AL-ZUBAIR — The Al-Zubair Education Directorate in Basra province has launched a Ramadan volleyball tournament for teachers, featuring 18 teams. The tournament, which includes two matches each day based on a double-elimination system, sees participation from both public and private schools across various districts, including Al-Shuaiba, Khor Al-Zubair, Safwan, Al-Najm Al-Janoubi, and Al-Zubair.

Hassan Hajim, the director of Al-Zubair Education, told 964media, that the tournament was organized to “promote sportsmanship and celebrate the general Ramadan atmosphere and its traditions, aiming to foster a competitive spirit among teachers.”

The tournament will continue until the end of Ramadan, Hajim added.

Nabil Katte’ Al-Baydhani, director of Al-Razi Private Schools, emphasized the importance of such tournaments, especially during Ramadan, for strengthening community bonds and competitive sportsmanship based on ethics and cooperation.

“These tournaments are very important as they enhance social ties and a competitive spirit that is ethical and cooperative,” Al-Baydhani stated. “They also help in building new relationships among the younger and older staff, maintaining a beneficial balance and effective communication by developing skills, openness to others, and enjoying time after the Iftar meal.”