New speed limits posted

Wasit implements strict traffic rules for Arbaeen pilgrimage

WASIT, August 28 — Authorities in Wasit governorate announced on Sunday that officials would enforce speed limits on roads during the Arbaeen pilgrimage to Karbala, along with fines up to 200,000 Iraqi dinars, due to the significant number of visitors traveling through Iraq’s southern region.

A statement from the Wasit press office indicated that an unprecedented increase in the number of visitors had led to traffic congestion and accidents, particularly on the road from the Shomali border crossing to other areas in the governorate.

The following measures were decided:

  • Heightened efforts by traffic departments by deploying units and patrols on vital roads throughout the pilgrimage period.
  • Strict implementation of fines for drivers who violate traffic laws, with fines up to 200,000 Iraqi dinars.
  • Mandating drivers to adhere to designated speed limits, which are as follows:
    • Buses carrying 11 passengers and above, and cargo vehicles weighing 2 tons and above, should not exceed 80 km/h.
    • Sedans and taxis carrying up to five passengers, as well as cargo vehicles weighing less than one ton, should not exceed 100 km/h.
    • A second lane has been opened for the Kut-Badra Road, enabling two-way traffic, starting from the Kut-Jassan checkpoint (Duboni intersection) to the Hauli Bridge in Kut City.
    • Driving on lanes going in the opposite direction is strictly prohibited, and violators will face penalties.