Yearlong deeds

Twereej man continues two decades of charitable food distribution

TWEREEJ — In the community of Twereej, Ghazi Hashim, affectionately known as Abu Hadeeda, is celebrated for his ongoing commitment to cooking and distributing food not only during Ramadan but throughout the year, a tradition he has upheld for over 20 years.

Speaking to 964media, Abu Hadeeda shared, “Since the fall of the regime in 2003, myself and a few brothers have continued preparing and distributing food for the sake of Allah to passersby every Thursday. On regular days, we distribute soup and other foods, in addition to tea, from Maghrib until 11 PM at a well-known spot in Twereej on the main street. During the days of visitation, we persist in cooking for the visitors.”

“In Ramadan, we prepare iftar meals for the fasting from the first to the last day of the month, distributed near the shrine of Abu Hashim. The funding comes from kind donors—some bring sugar, others bring rice, and some contribute money. I am very keen on commemorating all occasions,” he continued.

Abu Hussein, a local of Twereej, told 964media, “This humble and respected man is loved by everyone in the city because he is so giving. It seems as if he is always happy when distributing food to people.”

“I think this act brings him happiness. I hope God protects him and all the good people with him,” he added, expressing admiration for Abu Hadeeda’s selfless service.