Quarterly magazine planned

Penjwen initiates effort to archive its history via cultural center

PENJWEN– For the past two years, intellectuals and writers from Sulaymaniyah’s Penjwen district have been working on archiving the town’s history and culture, leading to the establishment of an cultural center dedicated to this purpose.

An announcement in Penjwen has called upon all writers and personalities to gather after the Eid al-Fitr holiday to discuss the establishment of an intellectual center aimed at archiving the area’s history and culture.

Jawher Saeed Zorab, one of the Penjwen personalities speaking to 964media, mentioned that, “We intend to officially establish an intellectual center where we can actively engage in this work,” Zorab said.

He highlighted that so far, the historical archiving efforts in Penjwen have been insufficient, given the town’s  history and extensive archives. “What has been done until now has been individual efforts and quite basic,” he added.

According to Zorab, the first step after establishing the center will be to publish a seasonal magazine that covers topics related to the history and culture of Penjwen from an academic perspective.

Penjwen to establish association for motorcyclists

Penjwen to establish association for motorcyclists