'Cute of Basra'

Basra’s visual artist Shilan Al-Jabri transforms studio with Ramadan themes

BASRA — Visual artist Shilan Al-Jabri, who owns Cute of Basra studio in the Al-Jeninah area of the city, has updated her studio’s decor to welcome clients, mainly children, for photo sessions with Ramadan accessories. Al-Jabri regularly updates the studio’s themes for various public holidays, including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Ramadan.

Al-Jabri, also a photographer for 964media, said she wanted to capture the unique spirit of Ramadan by offering special heritage themes for the month.

“I prepared this decor some time ago, and some customers anticipated Ramadan by taking their special photos,” she said.

She added that some themes were handmade, while many accessories and costumes were imported from China and Turkey.

Al-Jabri, who began as an employee and learned photography over time, now owns the studio. “Initially, the studio was exclusively for children’s photography, then I expanded it to include events and weddings,” she said.

“Our team is entirely female, comprised of professionals in photography, photo editing with Photoshop, and printing wall albums. We have a fully equipped lab for printing,” Al-Jabri explained.

“We also conduct outdoor photo sessions and change the studio’s decor themes according to public occasions,” she concluded, highlighting the studio’s dynamic approach to celebrating various cultural and festive events.