As border guards are deployed

Real estate prices in Shiladze rise

SHILADZE – The recent deployment of border guards in Duhok province’s Shiladze sub-district has resulted in an increase in land prices as residents who had previously fled the area due to conflicts are gradually returning to their homes.

The Shiladze area comprises 92 villages, 85 of which were evacuated due to the conflict between Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) guerrillas and Turkey.

Rasul Mahmood, a local real estate and housing agency owner in Shiladze, told 964media that the presence of border guards has caused land prices to rise, particularly in the Seri community, Kampe neighborhood, and near the Rooy Shin river.

“In some locations, the price per parcel of land has soared to $5,000,” said Mahmood.

Mahmood also noted an improvement in the real estate market, especially for houses, and anticipates further increases in land prices by summer, highlighting the vibrant state of the market after years of dormancy.

The heightened military presence gained attention on February 22, when the Iraqi First Border Guard Division released a video from the Shiladze area. The footage depicted Iraqi border guards establishing a position with the Iraqi flag, declaring their intention to prevent Turkish military incursions into the area.

Following the withdrawal of PKK fighters from the area, Iraqi forces were deployed there. The PKK has been involved in a prolonged conflict with the Turkish state for over four decades, advocating for Kurdish rights.

Iraq’s border guard forces are divided into three regions, with Region One tasked with safeguarding the Kurdistan Region’s borders, headquartered in Erbil’s Kani Qirjala area, comprising approximately 6,500 members.

Shiladze, part of the Amedi district within the Duhok province, has a population of around 50,000 residents.

Turkish, Iranian bombardments increase over last quarter

Turkish, Iranian bombardments increase over last quarter

Turkish warplanes conduct airstrike near Shiladze district center

Turkish warplanes conduct airstrike near Shiladze district center