Experts to determine their origins

Archaeological fragments discovered during roadwork in Sulaymaniyah

SULAYMANIYAH – During road maintenance on Kawa Street in Kurdistan’s Sulaymaniyah City, workers found several archaeological fragments, prompting an investigation into their historical significance.

Hussein Hama Gharib, the Director of Antiquities in Sulaymaniyah, told 964media that an examination is underway to determine the age and origins of these artifacts.

The discovery was made as a part of a project to expand the city’s sewage system, leading to the closure of Kawa Street for approximately 80 meters from the edge of the Sulaymaniyah bazaar towards the Ashabaspi roundabout.

The excavation reached a depth of nearly two meters and 80 centimeters, revealing mostly pottery fragments and some ancient bricks.

The ongoing investigation aims to uncover more about the newly found artifacts’ historical context and potentially date them back to a specific era.

The Kurdistan Region is home to the heritage of various ancient civilizations, leading the head of a Harvard University excavation team to describe the region the richest archeological landscape in the Middle East.

Sulaymaniyah unveils new website showcasing archaeological treasures

Sulaymaniyah unveils new website showcasing archaeological treasures