Containing staples

Kirkuk’s Donate 1000 Dinars campaign provides food packages to families in need

KIRKUK — The Donate 1000 Dinars initiative in Kirkuk has embarked on a campaign to collect and distribute food baskets to families in need within the city. Demonstrating a deep respect for the privacy of the beneficiaries, volunteers refrained from photographing the families. Instead, they discreetly placed the baskets at the recipients’ doorsteps, knocked, and departed before the door was answered.

Athir Mohammed, the team’s leader, shared with 964media, “We rely on contributions from the kind-hearted residents of Kirkuk to prepare and distribute these food baskets throughout the city. Our group keeps a database of families requiring assistance.”

For the campaign’s first round of donations, the team assembled 40 food baskets, delivering them to various districts such as Al-Urouba, Benja Ali, Al-Asra’ wal-Mafqoodin, Al-Hamzali, Al-Shorja, and Haziran. Each basket was filled with staples including rice, oil, tomato paste, beans, chickpeas, lentils, chicken, noodles, tea, sugar, and dates.