From December 2023 to January 2024

Kurdistan statistics authority reports 7% consumer price index rise

ERBIL – A recent report by the Kurdistan Statistics Authority has highlighted a 7% increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) over a span of two months, accompanied by a minor decline in the demand for alcoholic beverages.

The latest statistics from the Authority indicate a 7% rise in the price index in January 2024 compared to December 2023, transitioning from 116.33 points to 117.13 points.

The Consumer Price Index serves as a statistical measure of the overall price fluctuations in a basket of goods and services consumed within a country, reflecting the daily expenditures of households.

The statistics for the Kurdistan Region encompass the provinces of Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, and Duhok, encompassing a wide range of services including education, culture, restaurants, telecommunications, transportation, health, household essentials, clothing and footwear, rent, water, electricity, fuel, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and non-alcoholic beverages.

In December 2023, the highest demand was observed for alcohol and tobacco, whereas in January 2024, the highest demand shifted to miscellaneous goods, registering an 8% increase in Erbil and 7% in both Sulaymaniyah and Duhok.

In recent weeks, Kurdistan’s residents have complained about a surge in basic food prices, including items such as meat, cooking oil, and sugar, among others.

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