Following tragic incident

College students in Baqubah demand pedestrian bridge

BAQUBAH – Students from Bilad Alrafidain University College in Baqubah gathered to demand the construction of a pedestrian bridge following the tragic death of a fellow student in a traffic accident.

The incident occurred 24 hours earlier when a pickup truck struck and killed first-year pharmacy student Aisha Basim Nouri as she attempted to cross the road near the college gate.

Mustafa Nasser, a student, expressed the urgent need for safety measures, citing the recurring accidents near the college’s entrance, which faces the descent of the Al-Quds bridge.

Nasser stated to 964media, “We gathered today to honor the memory of our colleague and demand action to prevent such tragedies from happening again.”

Authorities have detained the driver of the pickup truck involved in the hit-and-run incident for investigation, while Nouri’s body was transported to the forensic department for further procedures.