At the age of 83

Prominent Turkmen journalist Aziz Abbas Oghlu passes away

NINEVEH – Renowned Iraqi Turkmen journalist Aziz Abbas Oghlu passed away on Tuesday in Tal Afar, Nineveh province, at the age of 83.

Oghlu, known for his extensive contributions of articles and reports in newspapers and magazines, as well as his role as a presenter on Baghdad TV in the 1970s and his years managing Turkmeneli TV, has left a significant impact on Iraqi media.

He was particularly recognized for his dedication to preserving the heritage and history of Tal Afar.

Mazahim Al-Hamad, a relative of Oghlu, informed 964media that Oghlu lost his life “after a battle with illness,” without providing further details.

Oghlu, born in Tal Afar in 1941, held a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration. He served as an administrative assistant at the General Hospital in Tal Afar until his retirement.

Oghlu was particularly known for presenting health programs on Iraqi official TV in the 1970s. He later served as the director of Turkmeneli radio and terrestrial television, affiliated with the Iraqi Turkmen Front, in Tal Afar for many years.

He was laid to rest in the Hassan Koy cemetery north of Tal Afar.