Alleged $200 bribe

Integrity commission arrests juvenile prison director in Najaf

NAJAF — The Integrity Commission reported on Tuesday the arrest of the Najaf Juvenile Prison Director for accepting a bribe of 300,000 Iraqi dinars ($200) to allow a complainant access to investigation documents within the Juvenile Police Department.

According to a statement, the operation was carried out by the Federal Integrity Commission, targeting a high-ranking officer in the Najaf Governorate Police Directorate involved in bribery.

The Commission’s Media and Government Communication Office detailed that coordination took place with a complainant after a Brigadier, serving as the director of the Juvenile Police, solicited a bribe in exchange for access to investigative files and information on proceedings against juvenile defendants related to the complainant.

Following an orchestrated sting operation, the team arrested the Brigadier at a restaurant in Najaf as he received the bribe. The money was confiscated from the government vehicle he used, with the amount confirmed to match the bribe.

An official arrest report was compiled based on a judicial memo, and both the accused and the incriminating evidence were presented to the investigative judge, who ordered the accused’s detention.