Upskilling for unemployed youth

Basra vocational training institute launches barbering course

BASRA — The Vocational Training Institute in Khor Al-Zubair, west of Basra, is offering a free barbering course for unemployed youths during Ramadan. The course aims to provide skills training and enhance self-reliance and ambition among young people through a variety of vocational programs.

Jafar Ali, the institute’s media officer, highlighted the initiative’s role in personal development and preparation for the workforce. “Affiliated with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the institute periodically offers courses in barbering, computing, tailoring, and more to help youths develop skills and pursue careers,” Ali said.

The barbering course currently has eight participants, with additional slots available for interested youths throughout Ramadan. According to Ali, the institute has a history of successfully training hundreds of individuals who have gone on to secure employment in both the public and private sectors.

Participants who complete the course will receive a professional certificate, which can aid in starting their own businesses or in job applications across various fields.

Mohammed Hussein, a trainee, expressed optimism about the program’s potential to open career opportunities in multiple sectors, including oil, manufacturing, and private businesses. “The diverse courses offered, such as computing, blacksmithing, carpentry, electrical installation, and barbering, are invaluable for us youths seeking foundational professional skills,” Hussein noted.