Al-Karamah emerge as champions of the “English Premiere League for Local Teams”

The “Al-Karamah” team emerged as champions of the “English Premiere League for Local Teams” in the Chkook area, located in northern Baghdad, after defeating the “Al-Marhoum Meqdad” team by a score of two goals to nil.

The final match of the tournament was held in the quintet Golden Square Stadium, situated in the Chkook area, which falls under the administrative jurisdiction of Kadhimiya. The stadium witnessed an ideal football atmosphere that was full of excitement.

The tournament featured 24 teams from the Chkook, Al-Hurriya, Al-Shula, and Al-Rahmaniyya areas. The teams chose to give the tournament the name of the “English Premier League” in order to generate enthusiasm and interest among the participants.

In previous editions of the tournament, the name “Champions League” was used.
Overall, the tournament was a great success and the “Al-Karamah” team was declared the deserving winners of the “English Premiere League for Local Teams” title in the Chkook area.

The tournament organizer Hussein Karim told 964 Network:
the organization of the event was executed flawlessly, with provisions made for the closing ceremony supplies, such as fireworks, which added to the joyful atmosphere.

Zulfiqar Adnan, the standout player of the tournament, expressed his elation at his team’s victory in the championship, as well as winning the title of the best player amongst a pool of talented individuals.

Rasool Muhannad, the top scorer of the tournament, shared that he had an impressive scoring average of seven goals throughout the competition.

Muhannad also commended the performance of the “Al-Marhoum Meqdad” team, stating that they were deserving of the championship title. However, luck was not on their side, and the level of competition was high throughout the tournament.