Combatting price hikes during Ramadan

Trade Minister Atheer Al-Ghurairi emphasizes price control measures

NINEVEH – Trade Minister Atheer Al-Ghurairi has announced measures to regulate prices during Ramadan, including increased surveillance and efforts to enhance wheat storage in Nineveh, following discussions with Governor Abdul Qadir Al-Dakhil.

The Ministry’s statement highlighted Al-Ghurairi’s visit to Nineveh, focusing on preparing for the marketing season by improving storage facilities and supporting commercial services for residents.

Al-Ghurairi emphasized the need for increased storage for Nineveh’s significant wheat yield and outlined initiatives for Ramadan. These include opening shopping centers and deploying trucks to provide essential food items at competitive prices to low-income families. He also mentioned strict monitoring to prevent price manipulation and a shopping festival in Nineveh to support the local population.

Governor Al-Dakhil pledged support for commercial branches and infrastructure rebuilding as part of reconstruction efforts, committing to fund silo construction and additional storage to support domestic products.