Bridges in Wasit and Babil

Floating bridges to facilitate Arbaeen pilgrims’ travel in Iraq

BAGHDAD, August 24 — The Iraqi Security Media Cell announced on Thursday the completion of floating bridges in Al-Nu’maniyah in Wasit and Al-Musayyib in Babil, allowing them to be opened for vehicles and the passage of pilgrims traveling to and from Karbala.

A statement from the Security Media Cell said:

In conjunction with the approaching Arbaeen pilgrimage to the shrine of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, and under the supervision of the Joint Operations Command, the military engineering units within the Ministry of Defense have completed the construction of the floating bridges in Al-Musayyib and Al-Nu’maniyah. These two bridges are now fully operational, allowing vehicles and pedestrians to cross towards the holy city of Karbala.”

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