More than 50 horses on show

Video: Sulaymaniyah hosts an equestrian festival

SULAYMANIYAH—Today, Sulaymaniyah welcomed the inaugural Shawk Equestrian Festival, featuring dozens of horses from various regions.

Festival organizer Goran Ahmed, in an interview with 964media, said that more than 50 horses from Sulaymaniyah, Erbil, Garmiyan, Sharazur, and Halabja participated, with the majority being Kurdish horses.

Maria Sami, an equestrian coach, emphasized the festival’s importance to equestrian enthusiasts and noted an increasing interest in the sport among young people.

“Especially in the past two years, a significant number of young people in Sulaymaniyah have become interested in equestrianism. My brother and I have operated an equestrian club for some time, attracting many locals who quickly learn how to ride,” Sami told 964media.

Hiwa Shawki, the festival’s supervisor and the owner of a company named Shawk, is from a village also called Shawk. The festival and his company are both named after his village, highlighting a personal connection to the region and its equestrian traditions.

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