One victim listed as a minor

Baghdad police arrest suspect accused of luring young women to his home via Instagram

BAGHDAD — The Al-Shula district police in Baghdad announced on Tuesday the arrest of a 19-year-old male suspect accused of luring three young women, including a minor, to his apartment using the social media app Instagram.

The arrests follow reports filed by the families of the missing women, identified in the police statement by their birth years — 2008, 2006, and 2005. The statement further said the Baghdad Al-Karkh police commander ordered the formation of a task force to investigate the disappearances. The task force, led by the director of Al-Shula Police Station and the Al-Shula Emergency Command, verified the information and identified the suspect.

Authorities alleged the suspect had lured the young women through online interactions on Instagram. After securing judicial approval, law enforcement officials raided the suspect’s apartment, locating the missing women, and brought all individuals to the police station.

The specific charges against the suspect and the women’s condition were not disclosed in the police statement.