Family feud

Baghdad police arrest suspects in fatal Sadr City shooting

BAGHDAD — Baghdad police have arrested two suspects following a gunfire incident in Sadr City near Mredi Market, which resulted from a family dispute and led to one fatality. The victim succumbed to injuries after being transported to a hospital.

In response to the incident, police forces were deployed by Brig. Gen. Shalan Ali Saleh Al-Hasnawi, the commander of Baghdad Police for the Rusafa area, with a focus on apprehending individuals involved in the altercation, as well as those violating laws or carrying unlicensed weapons.

The operation, involving officers from the Sadr City Police Division, confirmed the shooting’s occurrence. A task force, led by the director of the Sadr City Police Division and an officer from the Revolution Police Center, was established under the supervision of the Rusafa area commander. This team conducted a search and investigation into the incident.

One suspect was immediately detained at the scene and confessed to the murder. Further police work led to the identification and arrest of a second suspect. Both suspects have been taken into custody for legal proceedings.