Company's offices shut down

Erbil municipality takes action against New Eskan complex management for violations

ERBIL, August 21 — Authorities in Erbil issued fines and shuttered the offices of a management company behind the New Eskan apartment complex on Monday, saying the company had overcharged residents for service fees.

The Erbil Municipality posted a notice at the entrance of the complex, urging residents to report evideonce of the management collecting service fees exceeding posted amounts.

Normal fees for residents were reported as 70,000 Iraqi dinars for apartments with an area of 150 square meters; 80,000 dinars for 165 square meters; and 85,000 dinars for apartments with an area of 173 square meters. The municipality pledged to hold the company accountable in case of repeated violations.

A source from the Erbil Municipality told 964: “We closed down the management company of the New Eskan complex because they were collecting amounts higher than those specified by the municipality. The prices have been set for a long time, and we do not allow any residential complex management to collect excessive amounts.”

“The management of this residential complex continued to violate the laws, prompting us to take strict measures against them. This is not the first time that closure has been enforced, but this time we imposed financial fines on them.”

“In case of repeated violations of municipal laws, the project’s management will face legal penalties.”

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