$33 per kilo

Local truffles dominate Sulaymaniyah market

SULAYMANIYAH — Truffle season is in full swing in Sulaymaniyah’s markets, with prices starting at 50,000 ($33) Iraqi Dinars per kilogram. Local vendors note that the highest-quality truffles come from the Garmiyan area.

Yasin Mohammed, a fruit and vegetable vendor, shared with 964media, “The market offers various types of truffles, both locally harvested and imported. Yet, Garmiyan truffles, which have recently hit the market, are of the best quality.”

Black truffles from Iran are another coveted variety, scarce in the market and considered a delicacy. These can fetch prices up to 100,000 Dinars per kilogram. Despite their steep price, they are sought after for their distinctive taste and are highly valued by aficionados.

White truffles from Southern Iraq are also popular among locals, priced at about 40,000 Dinars per kilogram, depending on their size.

Unexploded ordnance found by local residents in Makhmur

Unexploded ordnance found by local residents in Makhmur