TikTok soars, YouTube stumbles

Digital Media Center reports 31.95 million Iraqi social media

BAGHDAD – In a recent update from the Digital Media Center on Saturday, it was revealed that Iraq’s social media landscape has seen a substantial growth, with user numbers reaching 31.95 million. This figure represents 69.4% of the country’s population, marking a notable uptick in digital engagement according to the latest data from Feb. 23.

The DMC, drawing on insights from industry intelligence firms “We are social” and “Meltwater,” pointed out the upward trajectory in social media usage from the previous year.

Platform-wise, TikTok has emerged as the frontrunner with an impressive climb to 31.95 million users, a leap from last year’s 23.88 million. Facebook, too, has expanded its user base to 19.30 million, up from 17.95 million, while Instagram has surged to 18.25 million users from 14 million.

Notably, YouTube experienced a dip to 22.80 million from 24.30 million users, contrasting with the overall growth trend.

Other platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, X (formerly known as Twitter), and LinkedIn also reported increases in their user numbers, highlighting a diverse digital engagement across the board.

Muhannad Habib Al-Samawi, the DMC’s General Supervisor, underscored the dramatic increase in TikTok and Instagram users, with gains of approximately 8 million and 4 million, respectively. This surge, according to Al-Samawi, indicates a shift towards platforms that specialize in short-form video content, a trend that is gaining momentum worldwide, particularly among Generation Z.

Ali Al-Zuhairi, DMC co-founder and monitoring officer, affirmed the accuracy of these statistics, emphasizing that they are derived from credible sources and sophisticated analytical tools. This comprehensive snapshot of Iraq’s digital landscape underscores a significant shift in how people connect, share, and consume content, reflecting broader global trends in social media usage.

Full figures

Facebook users grew to 19.30 million, up from 17.95 million.
YouTube saw a decrease to 22.80 million users from 24.30 million.
Instagram users increased to 18.25 million from 14 million.
Facebook Messenger users rose to 15.70 million from 15.10 million.
Snapchat users increased to 17.74 million from 16.10 million.
X (formerly Twitter) users are now 2.55 million, up from 2.50 million.
LinkedIn users grew to 1.90 million from 1.70 million.

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