Joint operation nets major narcotics haul

Military intelligence arrests suspect with 40,000 Captagon pills

NINEVEH — A suspected drug dealer was arrested on Saturday in the Umm al-Dhiban area of Sinjar district, Nineveh, with a large haul of 40,000 Captagon pills in his possession, the Military Intelligence Directorate has disclosed.

The directorate’s statement, which 964media received, explained that the arrest followed an orchestrated intelligence operation by the Twentieth Division, in partnership with the Iraqi Intelligence Service and aided by the Sixtieth Brigade. This precise and effective operation resulted in the capture of the drug dealer and the confiscation of the pills.

Following the arrest, the suspect, along with the drugs, was turned over to the appropriate legal authorities.

Police arrest three with over 1000 captagon pills

Police arrest three with over 1000 captagon pills