'Promoting regional understanding'

President Rashid advocates for Iraq’s role in regional dialogue

BAGHDAD — President Abdul Latif Rashid, speaking at the sixth Baghdad Dialogue Conference on Saturday, underscored Iraq’s long-standing principle of being a proactive force for regional understanding and coexistence. He praised the initiative to conduct the conference, which emphasizes Iraq’s pivotal role in regional diplomacy.

“The policy adopted and developed by different governments after the fall of the dictatorship is based on a fundamental principle where Iraq always plays an active role in promoting regional understanding and coexistence, and assists in creating environments that support dialogue,” President Rashid said.

He noted Iraq’s efforts to maintain neutrality and not serve as a starting point for aggression, highlighting its active engagement in promoting constructive cooperation and dialogue.

“Our interest as a region lies in cooperating to create a thriving, cooperative, and integrated regional environment,” Rashid emphasized, reflecting on the importance of dialogue in fostering stable and prosperous relationships among neighboring countries.

In his speech, Rashid also addressed the regional losses due to conflict and the necessity for a concerted international effort to resolve the Palestinian issue, advocating for their statehood and the cessation of their suffering.