Urgent calls for repair and regulation

Al-Bayaa bridges in poor condition due to heavy truck traffic

AL-BAYAA — The deteriorating condition of two bridges in Al-Bayaa is causing alarm among users due to significant bumps and deep potholes, a result of the heavy traffic from large trucks. This situation has led to vehicle damage and continuous traffic accidents on a vital road in Baghdad’s Al-Karkh district.

The Sharqah and Al-Shabab intersection bridges, which link Saladin Ayubi Highway (Al-Amil – Al-Shula) with Al-Turath Street (Al-Bayaa – Al-Saydiya Highway), have become nearly impassable for vehicles because of extensive damage and potholes.

Pedestrians point to the regular passage of overweight transport trucks as the culprit, calling for urgent repairs to the bridges and stricter enforcement of truck traffic regulations.

Jamil Hamza, a driver who spoke to 964media, said, “I travel over these bridges every day and have to keep my speed under 20 km/h due to the severe road conditions, including bumps, potholes, and deep undulations. Any misjudgment could damage the car’s underside.”

He stressed the need for a ban on lorries that exceed weight limits crossing these bridges, noting that simply repaving the bridges would not fix the problem.

A Baghdad municipality source informed 964media, “We have a rehabilitation plan for all streets and bridges based on set schedules and financial resources. Although we’ve received many complaints about these and other bridges, our efforts are constrained by regulatory timelines and budgetary limitations for their inclusion in our plans.”

The source further mentioned, “The issue of banning heavy trucks and ensuring they adhere to weight limits is beyond our control, but we pass on these concerns to the relevant authorities.”