On her visit to the province

Minister of communications inaugurates fiber optic project in Kirkuk

KIRKUK, August 20 — The Minister of Communications, Hiyam Al-Yasiri, inaugurated the fiber optic project in Kirkuk province today, Sunday, during her visit to the area.

The Ministry of Communications stated in a press release received by Network 964:

“Minister Hiyam Al-Yasiri inaugurated the fiber optic project in the province of Kirkuk, accompanied by the Governor Mr. Rakan Saeed Al-Jubouri. Al-Yasiri emphasized that the Ministry prioritizes fiber optic projects due to their significant positive impact on improving internet service quality. She added that the achieved progress on the ground is 300%, exceeding the planned percentage in the government program. Al-Yasiri pointed out that the Ministry’s strategy focuses on providing infrastructure for the private sector, activating genuine partnerships, and supporting it in completing service projects. On his part, Governor Rakan Saeed Al-Jubouri appreciated the cooperation of the Ministry of Communications in implementing fiber optic projects, which contribute to providing exceptional services to citizens and government institutions in the province.”