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Money transfer company denies Western Union service interruption in Erbil

ERBIL, August 19 — One of the money transfer and exchange companies has denied rumors circulating on social media pages regarding the suspension of Western Union services in Erbil. The company confirmed that money transfers are ongoing, but they have been limited to institutions not affected by U.S. sanctions.

A representative from a money transfer company in Erbil stated to 964:
“The Western Union service has not been halted in Erbil, and all customers can send or receive remittances as usual.”

“Most companies dealing with Western Union relied on an intermediary Iraqi bank. When that bank recently faced U.S. sanctions, their operations were temporarily affected. However, there are outlets that rely on professional banks that have not been impacted.”

“Citizens can still send or receive money transfers using the Western Union service through Kurdistan’s banks and the “RT,” bank as they are not included in the U.S. sanctions list.”