While signing his books

Iraqi poet Mujahid Abulhail tells 964media about his poetry

BAGHDAD — Iraqi poet and media personality Mujahid Abulhail launched the second edition of his books “If I Were a Wind Carrying You” and “Lips Meeting or More Delicious,” during a ceremony held at the Abjad Publishing House booth in the Nablus Hall at the International Book Fair in Iraq, where Palestine is the honored guest.

The book signing event hosted numerous cultural and media figures, including poet Yassin Taha Hafiz and journalist Ali Hussein, in addition to a sizable audience.

In a conversation with 964media, Abulhail spoke about himself, his poetry and his journey:

Tell us about yourself.

As I navigate through the intricacies of life, love, and the ever-evolving society around me, I’ve found that poetry is not just a form of expression but a way of seeing the world. My name is Majid Abu Al-Heil, and I am a poet from Iraq. My journey into the realm of words has been fueled by a tapestry of experiences that life has offered me, from the intimate to the universal.

In your journey, what inspired you most? 

My inspiration comes from the world in which I live—the immediate environment that shapes my innate perceptions and the intellectual pursuits that feed my curiosity. I am deeply moved by the themes of love and loss, and the seemingly mundane yet profound moments that define our existence. These elements, along with my contemplation on the nuances of daily life, compel me to retreat into my thoughts and emotions, where the process of transforming inspiration into poetry begins.

Tell us about your poetry

In my work, I explore a variety of themes, with a particular emphasis on love, societal issues, and the journey of self-discovery. I believe that poetry transcends intellectual or philosophical boundaries; it is an exploration into the self to unearth the impressions life has made upon us. While some poets may lean towards the obscure or the philosophical, I strive to maintain accessibility in my poetry, aiming to resonate with the reader’s heart and aesthetic sensibilities.

In good poetry you always hear the voice of the poet, where is yours?

Reflecting on my growth as a poet, I’ve observed a significant evolution from my early days of crafting verses rich in imagery and metaphors to a more nuanced and impactful expression. My career in media and the responsibilities of life have influenced the quantity of my output but not its quality. If anything, these experiences have added depth to my poetic voice, making it richer and more resonant.

You are signing a paper book in today’s age!?

In today’s technology-driven world, I hold a nuanced view of poetry’s role in shaping societal consciousness. The digital revolution has altered the landscape of cultural engagement, challenging the traditional impact of poetry. Yet, despite these changes, I believe in poetry’s enduring power to connect, reflect, and inspire.

Looking Forward

As I look to the future, I am drawn to explore broader societal themes, extending beyond personal reflections to encompass the universal human experience. My aim is to forge a deeper connection with my readers, inviting them to see the world through the lens of my poetry and to feel the emotions that ripple through my words.