Aftermath of heavy rains

Koya residents face water shortage after pipeline rupture

KOYA – A main pipeline of the Bogd Water Project in Koya ceased operation on Thursday  cutting supply of drinking water to residents following heavy rainfall overnight.

The 24-inch pipeline, responsible for transporting drinking water from the Little Zab River, suffered damage near Kêlê Zindan village due to soil erosion caused by rain. As a result, water delivery to the central district has stopped, affecting nearly 100,000 residents across Koya’s five sub-districts.

Hogir Kayfi, head of Koya’s water department, confirmed to 964media that repair crews were working to fix the damage, but that unstable weather conditions were posing a challenge.

Kayfi reassured residents that water supply will resume as soon as repairs are completed. He did not specify a timeframe for the repairs due to the unpredictable weather conditions. “As soon as the repair work is done, water supply will resume as normal to residents,” he said.

Spanning 33 kilometers, the Bogd Water Project plays a crucial role in supplying drinking water to Koya, with the damaged pipeline having a capacity of 1,300 cubic meters per hour.