Combating youth substance abuse

New anti-drug branch opened in Umm Qasr

UMM QASR, BASRA – On Wednesday, Saleh Al-Eidani, Director of the Umm Qasr District in western Basra, announced the opening of a new anti-drug branch in the district, underscoring the urgency of addressing the escalating drug abuse issue among young people.

Al-Eidani told 964media that the new branch is pivotal in curbing drug-related offenses among youths, who might not fully understand the consequences of their actions. The branch aims to run intensive awareness programs in schools, the central hospital, pharmacies, public spaces, and markets to educate young men and women about the perils of drug abuse and inform them of its dangers.

The establishment of a dedicated anti-drug branch is a significant bolster to Umm Qasr, particularly with the recent surge in substance abuse cases, an issue that extends beyond Umm Qasr to affect all of Iraq. This initiative will aid in fostering social progress and executing thorough strategies for the rehabilitation and societal reintegration of individuals struggling with addiction.

The inauguration of the branch was facilitated by the Directorate of Drug Control and Psychotropic Substances in Basra, in collaboration with the judge from the Court of First Instance.