'Unexplained' absence of names from scheme

Nasiriyah worker union protests for land allocation

NASIRIYAH — In Nasiriyah, a group of Workers Union members recently voiced their grievances through a protest outside the Nasiriyah Municipality Directorate, drawing attention to a pressing issue within the city’s land distribution scheme. The crux of their discontent lies in the mysterious absence of their names from the list of candidates eligible for land distribution—a process determined by a lottery system intended to allocate parcels based on a set of eligibility criteria, including employment status, intended use of the land, and family needs.

Union official Hisham Al-Abbadi, representing the protesting workers, expressed to 964media that, according to their understanding, they had satisfied all requirements set forth for inclusion in the land distribution minutes. However, their exclusion from the list has left many bewildered and seeking answers. The Workers Union is now calling for an urgent review and update of the distribution list, advocating for the recognition and rights of its members who believe they have met the necessary qualifications for participation in the scheme.

Despite repeated attempts, 964media’s efforts to obtain a comment from Ali Sattar, the director of the Nasiriyah Municipality, were unsuccessful due to his engagement in a meeting at the time of inquiry.

Residents in Hilla demand compensation for government-acquired lands

Residents in Hilla demand compensation for government-acquired lands