Ministry issues statement

Ministry extends social protection assistance to families in Harsham Camp

ERBIL, August 19 — Iraq’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs announced on Saturday that families residing in Erbil’s Harsham Camp for internally displaced persons who registered electronically would be eligible for social protection assistance.

The Ministry issued a statement, which said:

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Ahmed Al-Asadi, announces a series of decisions related to internally displaced persons, including:

  • Inclusion of all electronically registered families, totaling 80 families, in social protection assistance from within the Harsham Camp in Erbil.
  • Conducting social research for all applicants from within the camp.
  • Completing all remaining procedures to include applicants who have undergone social research.
  • Issuing medical referrals for all eligible individuals in the camp in preparation for their inclusion.