Calling on paragliders from around the world

Erbil paragliding club looks to transform Mount Korek into a global jumping site

ERBIL — The Erbil Paragliding Club is making strides towards converting the slopes of Mount Korek into a world-class paragliding launch site, extending invitations to paragliders from different countries to experience jumps from one of the region’s most popular mountains.

Mohammed Abbas, a coach with the paragliding group, spoke to 964media about their latest activities and future plans.

“We conducted some training sessions and activities [recently] and plan to continue offering events every upcoming Friday,” Abbas said.

“Mount Korek is one of the most suitable places in the world for paragliding, which is why we’ve decided to make its slope a global center for the sport this year,” he added, saying the group wanted to see local and international jumpers in Soran in 2024.

The group is also calling for more support from local authorities in Soran to facilitate access to Mount Korek’s summit for paragliding purposes.

Paraglider takes flight over Sinjar

Paraglider takes flight over Sinjar