Paraglider takes flight over Sinjar

SINJAR, April 10 — Sadiq Khalil, a young man from Sinjar, recently fulfilled his dream of becoming the first person from his community to fly a paraglider over his hometown.

He took off from the foot of Sinjar’s famous mountain, where he frequently practices his hobby, with the goal of reviving the city that has suffered greatly from the scourge of war since the days of ISIS.

Khalil, who is employed at the Health Directorate, has been actively working on developing his paragliding skills for several months. He has been training at a specialized club in Mosul with the goal of eventually becoming a paragliding instructor.
The mountainous terrain in Sinjar provides an ideal environment for paragliding, as it allows for the use of private parachutes to jump from its peaks.

Sadiq Khalil told 964 Network: “I started my journey towards becoming a paragliding expert by enrolling in a course at the “Sky Knights for Air Sports” club in Mosul.

Over time, I honed my skills and eventually decided to share my passion for the sport with his hometown of Sinjar.

For beginners in this sport, flying from low heights is recommended, and Sinjar’s geography provides an ideal location for both beginners and professionals to achieve their paragliding dreams.

However, individuals who wish to practice paragliding must prepare themselves psychologically and overcome their fear of heights.”