Six out of 15 are present

Security forces block roads to Diyala council ahead of key session

DIYALA — Security measures intensified as forces blocked roads leading to the Diyala Provincial Council building past midnight, setting the stage for a crucial session convened by the council’s eldest member. The assembly aims to select a new council head, deputy, and governor amidst heightened anticipation.

As of now, the session attendance includes 6 out of 15 members, indicating the significance of the meeting and the decisions at hand. Representatives from various political factions are present. Members from the “Diyalatna” bloc, including Muthanna al-Tamimi, Farqad al-Rubai, and Turki al-Atabi, alongside representatives from the “Progress” bloc, Majida Kambash and Nizar al-Lahibi, and from the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Aws al-Mahdawi, are in the building, highlighting the cross-sectional support and participation in this pivotal session.

The candidacy for the governor’s position is notably represented by Muthanna al-Tamimi, with Nizar al-Lahibi running for the council’s presidency.

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