Preparations underway

Basra announces removal of encroachments on Development Road project

BASRA, August 17 — Basra’s provincial government announced on Thursday that authorities have begun removing unauthorized encroachments on the Strategic Development Road, adding that plans include two railway stations and a highway extending across four administrative units in the governorate.

Deputy Governor of Basra, Hassan Al-Najjar, told the Iraqi News Agency:

The Development Road is a local and international regional road that starts from Al-Faw and extends to Fishkhabur, connecting with several countries, particularly Turkey, Iran, and Arab nations like Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, and Kuwait.

The road begins in Basra at point zero in Al-Faw and ends at the borders of Dhi Qar governorate. There are three main sections in Basra, two of which are related to the Ministry of Transportation, specifically the Iraqi Ports Company, concerning the railways. The third section is related to Basra governorate, addressing conflicts and removing encroachments.

The road faces conflicts involving more than 18 departments. Approvals from these departments at the provincial level will be obtained for the removal of conflicts, as well as for acquisitions. According to the Prime Minister’s directives, once a section is ready, after removing encroachments and conflicts, construction and development will proceed immediately.

There will be two railway stations for Basra, in addition to the expressway which will extend across four administrative units: Umm Qasr, Al-Faw, Al-Siba, and Al-Zubair.