After cold winter

Diyala river corniche attracts families amid mild weather

BAQUBA — Hundreds of families gathered at the Diyala River’s new corniche in Baquba on Friday, taking advantage of the mild weather during the mid-year school holiday. Similar gatherings were reported in the Al-Falah Park, between the bridges, and at the Equestrian park.

Zahid Al-Mukdami, a local resident, shared with 964media, “Since yesterday and today, it feels like spring. We only felt a bit of chill in the morning.”

“In cold weather, we hesitate to take our children out fearing they might get sick. But with the weather being pleasant, we brought them out today for some play and leisure,” he added.

Eman Lotfi, another resident, expressed her relief at the opportunity for outdoor activities, “During this winter, my children caught colds twice due to going out, despite wearing thick clothes.”

“My children have become irritable from being cooped up at home and not interacting with others in the street. So, we seized this chance and went out near the corniche for a walk and to buy them some cotton candy,” Lotfi explained.

Weather forecasts predict possible rainfall next week, prompting families to make the most of today before the end of the holiday and the return of colder, rainy weather.

The corniche, favored by most families for its free entry unlike other parks such as the Equestrian, saw a significant turnout.

Kut anticipates completion of Corniche project to relieve city congestion

Kut anticipates completion of Corniche project to relieve city congestion