Exhibit at Time Square Mall

Basra residents experience the wonders of space inside astronomy exhibit

BASRA — The citizens of Basra had a unique opportunity on Feb. 5 to explore planets and black holes inside the Astronomical Dome, an event organized by the Astronomy Club. Children donned astronaut helmets and enjoyed a special experience at Time Square Mall.

Noor Shaker, a member of the amateur Astronomy Club for shared with 964media: “We received an invitation from Time Square Mall and offered a free experience for families, allowing them, especially kindergarten and school students, to observe the planets.”

The event was not limited to students; it also saw a large turnout of families eager to enjoy the displays.

Mustafa Abdul Sada expressed his delight, saying, “We enjoyed a very beautiful experience, something we had never seen before. We are very happy that our children had the chance to witness something so wonderful.”

He added, “We thank those who organized this and hope to see such initiatives everywhere in the future.”

Mohamed Nael, marketing manager of Time Square Mall, said, “The management of Time Square Mall aims to host social events that entertain the residents of Basra. The Astronomical Dome is one of the activities preferred by Time Square visitors, especially children who enjoy viewing the planets and black holes.”

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