5000 for Halabja remembrance

Erbil launches major flower planting campaign

ERBIL – Erbil’s Directorate of Gardens and Parks Engineering has launched a campaign to plant 30,000 indigenous flowers at 18 locations throughout the city. This effort will be augmented by the planting of an additional 5,000 flowers in memory of the Halabja chemical attack, one for each estimated victim.

Sarwar Weisi Karim, Media Officer for Erbil Garden Engineering, outlined the extensive floral initiative aimed at enhancing the aesthetics of Erbil’s streets and public areas. “We have begun to beautify Erbil’s streets and public spaces by planting flowers, with plans to sow 30,000 blooms for the winter and spring seasons. To date, we have placed 12,000 flowers at 18 different sites,” Karim said.

The flower selection encompasses native species such as Marigold, Butterfly flowers, Roses, and Ashrafi, specifically chosen for their adaptability to Kurdistan’s diverse climate.

Moreover, in remembrance of Halabja, the department intends to plant 5,000 flowers throughout Erbil on March 16, 2024, the anniversary of the attack. “We will always remember the Halabja incident,” Karim remarked, highlighting the significance of commemorating the tragedy.