Shatt al-Arab

Iraq’s transport ministry launches new tourist boat services

BASRA – The Ministry of Transport announced on Thursday the introduction of a new “VIP” tourist boat, Shatt al-Arab, operating in the river of the same name. The ministry indicated that the boat will soon join the river taxi service offered by the General Company for Maritime Transport.

In a statement to 964media, the ministry revealed the addition of the VIP tourist boat to the river taxi fleet operated by the General Company for Maritime Transport in Shatt al-Arab. Ahmed Jasim Al-Asadi, Director of the General Company for Maritime Transport, highlighted the project’s support and direction from the Minister of Transport, Razzaq Muhaibis Al-Saadawi. Al-Asadi mentioned that the company is nearing the completion of a contract to construct 30 new tourist riverboats in various sizes.

Furthermore, Al-Asadi mentioned a recent visit by a technical delegation to Bahrain, where they met with staff from a local company. The meeting concluded with an agreement to cooperate, aiming to enhance the Iraqi river taxi initiative with more modern and sophisticated boats.

The General Company for Maritime Transport, responsible for the river taxi project in Iraq, aims to boost the nation’s tourism infrastructure through the addition of the Shatt al-Arab and planned future expansions.