Erbil school celebrates two decades of martial arts excellence

ERBIL, January 31 – For the past 20 years, the Taekwondo school in Bahrka, north of Erbil, has been a training ground for hundreds of martial arts enthusiasts, with its establishment supported by instructors from South Korea.

Hawar Mohammed Ali, a coach at the school, told 964media about the institution’s achievements and history. “Founded in 2004 through the aid of the South Korean government, our school has clinched several titles.

“We’ve been the top Taekwondo school in Kurdistan for three consecutive years and, in 2008, we were the national champions in Iraq. The Korean consul has visited us, acknowledging our success.

“Our athletes have competed abroad in countries like Korea and Iran, participating in leagues and world championships. Every year, we proudly see about 100 of our students graduate,” Ali detailed.