Threatens retaliation against 'traitors'

Al-Nujaba Movement vows ‘independence’ from U.S.

BAGHDAD, January 27 — The Al-Nujaba Movement vowed on Saturday to secure Iraq’s “independence” from U.S. influence.

The group issued a stark warning, evoking a scenario reminiscent of the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan, cautioning that Iraqis who collaborate with the U.S. could face exile or prosecution in the event of an American withdrawal.

In a statement, the movement declared, ‘We continue our military operations in response to the American-Zionist aggression on Gaza until achieving a victorious triumph and expelling the last soldier of the occupier from our lands.’ They further stressed that any talks of U.S. withdrawal must be ‘realized on the ground in a clear and unmistakable manner.’

Highlighting their vision for Iraq’s independence, the group emphasized, ‘Even if the military expulsion of the occupier is completed, the resistance will not be absent from its influence and dominance over the state’s vital functions.’ This includes intervention in embassy affairs, termination of various agreements, and control over strategic decisions and laws imposed by the occupation.

The statement also warned those collaborating with the U.S., stating, ‘Some of the traitors who sold their religion, honor, and beliefs to the occupier must reassess their situation before facing a scenario similar to Afghanistan.'”

Following weeks of attacks on U.S. positions in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, the U.S. struck back at Al-Nujaba early this month, killing a senior commander of the Shia group.

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In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. ‘And those who are patient, We will certainly pay them a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do.’

We extend our condolences to Imam Al-Hujjah Ibn Al-Hasan, may Allah hasten his noble reappearance, and to the Islamic nation and the revered religious authorities on the anniversary of the departure of Lady Zainab (peace be upon her), a symbol of endurance and martyrdom. On this important occasion, we remember the heroic stance of this great lady, who remained resilient through immense sacrifices and challenging circumstances. Following the tragic martyrdom of her brothers, sons, and family, she stood firmly against oppressors and continued the eternal journey of resilience.

This occasion coincides with the day of the resilient martyr, who, through his blood, sacrifices, and zeal, stood as a protector before her sacred shrine, liberating the land from invaders and extremists of the era. On this occasion, we affirm the following points:

1. We will continue our military operations against the American-Zionist aggression on Gaza until we achieve a triumphant victory and expel the last soldier of the occupier from our lands. We will not be misled by the occupier’s promises of withdrawal schedules unless this withdrawal is visibly realized.

2. The resistance has a comprehensive vision regarding the American presence in all its forms, and a clear strategy for Iraq’s independence and liberation from subservience to the Americans. This includes strengthening and arming Iraq. Even after the military expulsion of the occupier, the resistance will maintain its influence over the state’s vital functions, including intervention in embassy affairs and termination of various occupation-imposed agreements, decisions, and laws.

3. Regarding traitors who have betrayed their religion, honor, and beliefs for the occupier: they must reassess their position to avoid a situation like that in Afghanistan. Whether they choose to flee in disgrace or stay and face trial for their crimes, especially those who directly collaborate with the occupier, their fate is imminent. These agents, benefiting from procurement contracts and allowances, spread fear about the dangers of withdrawing occupying forces, but in reality, they are merely benefiting from their association with the occupation.