To reduce water waste

Kurdistan Regional Government in talks with Japanese company for water meter installation

ERBIL, August 13 – The Kurdistan Regional Government is in negotiations with a specialized Japanese company to install water meters in households across the region, aiming to reduce the estimated wastage of over 40% of water resources.

The anticipated agreement with the Japanese company will provide water meters for household tanks, starting with a pilot project in Erbil.

Ari Ahmed – Director General of the Region’s Water Directorate, for Network 964:
“Wastage is estimated to be between 25% to 42% of water in the region’s provinces. The installation of water meters will potentially reduce wastage by 90%.”

“We are in contact with the Japanese company “JICA” to arrange for consultants and the required meters for this system in various neighborhoods of Erbil. The experience will then be extended to all provinces of the region.”

“According to statistics from the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism, there are more than 1.14 million households consuming water in the Kurdistan Region. Each person consumes over 350 liters of water daily, and the cost of one cubic meter of water amounts to 400 Iraqi dinars for the regional government.”