Muhammad Al-Fateh Mosque

A prominent place of worship in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, August 12 — The Muhammad al-Fateh Mosque in Baghdad’s Al-Mustansiriya district is considered to be the largest mosque in the region and one of the most prominent mosques in the capital.

Established in 1995, it takes its name from the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, who had a mosque built in Turkey with the same name. The mosque was constructed in a modern architectural style and is located on a large site off Madaris Street.

One of the mosque’s officials told 964: “The mosque holds five daily prayers and the Friday prayer. It features a large prayer hall, a dome, a minaret, a spacious garden, and a parking area. Worshipers from nearby neighborhoods gather here, and their numbers increase on Fridays.”

“The mosque was named after the Islamic leader who conquered Constantinople. Additionally, there is another mosque with the same name in Turkey.”

Abu Muhammad, a worshipper, said: “I pray here every day, as the mosque holds the five daily prayers. The number of worshipers on Fridays is much higher compared to other days.”

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