District could save 130 million dinars

Zakho engineers propose innovative water recycling and solar power project

ZAKHO, January 24 — Two municipal engineers, Sawsan Mohammed and Masoud Mushir, have suggested a project to the Zakho administration, focusing on water recycling and electricity generation.

Over the course of eight months, Mohammed and Mushir assessed the electricity consumption of all government offices in Zakho, gauging the potential for reducing pressure on the national electricity supply during project implementation.

In reference to sewage water recycling, the engineers highlighted the potential to utilize 100 percent of wastewater, estimating annual revenue for the government through water resale to residents.

Mohammed emphasized the environmental impact to 964media, stating, “There are more than 500 wells in Zakho, each of which contributes to depleting natural springs. But by using the sewage water, we can increase the water level in the district.”

Mushir outlined the project’s potential to render the municipality independent of national electricity while supplying power to the government, adding, “Zakho municipality needs 130 million dinars for electricity power; if our project is implemented, this cost will be saved”.

He also emphasized Zakho’s favorable geography for such initiatives, urging the city to capitalize on its natural and material resources for the benefit of the government and citizens.

Heja Mohammed, a Zakho official, acknowledged the project’s potential, expressing the administration’s commitment to study the plan thoroughly. If deemed feasible, the administration may be inclined to implement the proposal, he said.