Press release

Hadi Al-Amiri: It Challenges encountered in choosing Speaker will not recur

BAGHDAD, January 18 — In a press statement, Hadi Al-Amiri, the leader of the Nabni Coalition, a member of the Coordination Framework, addressed the process of selecting a successor to ousted Parliament speaker Mohammed Al-Halbousi. Al-Amiri emphasized that the challenges encountered during the session to choose Al-Halbousi’s successor are not expected to recur. He assured that this matter would soon be resolved within the Coordination Framework.

We affirm the importance of the unity of the Coordination Framework and the necessity of its cohesion. What recently happened during the voting to choose the Speaker of the Parliament is understood by everyone, and this issue will be resolved within the Framework soon. We will overcome this obstacle as we have overcome previous ones.

We also renew our firm belief that the strength of the Framework lies in the diversity of viewpoints of its members before agreeing on any of its subsequent steps. All the leaders of the Framework realize the importance of this with great responsibility and care, stemming from their knowledge of the risks that threaten Iraq and the region.”

Hadi Al-Amiri
Leader of the Nabni Alliance
January 18