Peshraw Majid Agha Dzeyi

Built a mini Dubai, planned to do more, killed by Iran

Erbil, January 17 — Peshraw Majid Agha Dizeyi, a prominent Kurdish businessman, tragically lost his life in a missile and drone attack on his residence in Erbil on January 15, 2024. The attack, which claimed the lives of several family members, including his 11-month-old daughter, was later claimed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Born in 1966 in Erbil, Dizeyi migrated to Sweden in 1991 and lived there until 2003. Following the fall of the Ba’ath regime in 2003, he moved to Baghdad where he resided until 2007, engaging in various business ventures.

Returning to Erbil in 2007, Dizeyi embarked on a significant project, founding “Empire World,” a residential and commercial development in the area known as the “Golden Square.” This project is often described as a “mini Dubai,” visible to travelers as they land at Erbil Airport.

Local sources estimate Dizeyi’s net worth at around 2.5 billion US dollars, making him one of the top ten wealthiest individuals in Kurdistan.

According to the Turkish Anadolu Agency, Dizeyi’s name was associated with the Development Road Project and the Grand Faw Port, which aims to connect Iraq to Europe via Turkey. Sources indicate that he intended to participate in constructing the Iraqi segment of this significant project.

Dizeyi was killed in his home during the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s bombardment, along with his guest, Karam Mikhail, an Iraqi Christian businessman. The attack marked a violent end to the life of a man who had significantly impacted Kurdistan’s business landscape.

Owner of Empire project in Erbil and his family members were killed in Iranian strike

Owner of Empire project in Erbil and his family members were killed in Iranian strike