Fourth statement

IRGC: We will continue until ‘last drop of blood is avenged’

ERBIL, January 16 — In a statement, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) of Iran details of its missile attacks against Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan and locations in Syria launching a total of 24 ballistic missiles.

The IRGC’s statement reads as follows:

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,

The honorable and heroic nation of Islamic Iran, by the grace of Allah and with the support of the pure souls of our precious and oppressed martyrs of recent terrorist crimes, especially in Kerman, the land of the generous and the birthplace of the martyr of Quds [force], Major General Qasem Soleimani; with comprehensive intelligence surveillance of the IRGC Intelligence Organization over enemy espionage centers and the movements and locations of criminal terrorists, the faithful, revolutionary, and honorable children of dear Iran in the Aerospace Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps successfully carried out a missile operation against the Mossad espionage headquarters in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and the gathering place of the main commanders and elements involved in terrorist activities in the country, particularly the terrorist group ISIS, last night (Tuesday).

During this operation, the intended targets were accurately hit and destroyed with 24 types of ballistic missiles as follows:

– Four Khaibar-shekan missiles from Khuzestan targeted the Daesh (ISIS) takfiri group in the Idlib region of Syria.
– Four missiles from the west and seven more missiles from the northwest targeted the Mossad espionage headquarters in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.
– Nine missiles targeted the locations of other terrorist groups in other occupied territories in Syria.

We once again assure the mighty and proud nation of Islamic Iran that the offensive operations of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps will continue until the last drop of blood of the martyrs of our beloved homeland is avenged.